Founded in 1975, East Los Streetscapers is collabrative Public Art Studio
owned and operated by Wayne Healy.  

Public Art Philosophy

Wayne Healy DBA East Los Streetscapers (ELS) approach to public art is based on community and stakeholder engagement. We do our best to secure their participation in our design. In order to do so, we first conduct extensive research into the historical, cultural and demographic aspects of the site. This is done both within our studios and out on the street, and in collaboration with architects, design teams, and community members.

Since 1975, we have rendered numerous breathtaking, quality art installations that accurately speak for the communities they embody. We have experience working with an assortment of materials and mediums, and on projects of every scale.
Public art is my passion and profession. My conceptual basis to public art is most all of it based on local history.

The work is classic in style and form; it is centered in the human story; and, its composition integrates the dynamics of Euclidean and Cartesian analytical geometry. Physical configurations are based on the host environments and architecture.

The Images show that our installations, indoors and outdoors, capture and reflect the wishes and aspirations of the commissioning agency.  We work closely with all stakeholders; and, as with all my public artwork practice I expect to participate in the design, approval and implementation of the project as required. My public art career started in the early seventies. At the time I was an engineer and mathematician working in the aerospace industry.  In 1974 I painted my first solo mural "Ghosts of the Barrio" and had had several collaborations with other artists.  A few years later I decided to shift all emphasis to public art.  My engineering and mathematics enhance my artist

aesthetic with the precision of the former and the elegance of the latter.

I approach the implementation of every commission with the tools and applications that enables a design to be fabricated and installed with the greatest precision, compliance with the site's codes and material specifications.

Our business practice includes generation of engineering drawings, accurate monitoring and accounting of expenses, close collaboration with the project's participants to ensure on-time milestone deliveries, project management and administration.

As public artists, we strive to create aesthetic and interactive environments of all dimensions and material that invite the visitor to walk on, under, through and around. From narrative and contemplative, to figurative and abstract, our goal has always been to install artwork that is embraced by the host community and evolves to landmark status.​​